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Understanding the white balance

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— Understanding White balance in photography —  Often you take a picture indoor and realize this picture tends to look orange or yellow. What is white to your eyes appears yellow on the photograph. The human eye is an impressive tool, it adjusts automatically to the source of light. A film or a camera sensor in the other hand is not so powerful. So, how to get what you see as white with your eyes, white on your photographs? This problem [...]

How To Increase The Sharper Of A Photograph

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— How to increase the sharpness of a photograph — We mentioned in a previous article about how to take sharper photographs when we are actually taking pictures.For many people photography is both taking and processing pictures. Now that we take nice and sharp pictures, we want to maximize the quality of them.  In this article, we will explain how to increase the sharpness, during post processing. The aim is to give advices on how to obtain better sharpness through the retouching. [...]

How to take sharper photographs (during shooting time)

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— How to take sharper photographs (during shooting time) — Sharp pictures are for some people a real obsession, sharpness is a tricky concept though. Most digital cameras in their process of creating a picture will blur the picture before reconstructing it. Pixels are divided into sub pixels and need to be blurred so that they can fade and we can see a picture as we things in reality. If not then the picture would look like squares of different [...]